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This lets me ship 20 bottles of Mate Mate from Germany, to keep me well caffeinated.

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This is really appreciated, but I still won't follow you on Twitter.

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I've been contributing to Bitcoin Core on a part-time basis since mid 2017. Most of my time is spent on reviewing and testing work by others, but I also created my own pull requests. Bitcoin ACKs provides a nice overview of my activity on the repo. For a deep dive into the process, listen to my interview with Stephan Livera.

My focus recently, when not distracted by shiny object syndrome, has been on helping out with adding hardware wallet support. I gave a presentation about the state of the art at Advancing Bitcoin. Any on-chain funds received on this site go through my own experimental pull request(s).

There are two monthly support levels available, see above, which you can pay for via Lightning or regular Bitcoin transactions.

If you prefer, you can also make a one-off donation.

Privacy policy: the system collects the minimum amount of data possible. By not offering fiat payments I'm saving you from the worst warrantless financial surveilance, but the blockchain doesn't offer complete privacy. If you provide a working email address I may occasionally send you updates, which you can opt-out of. I'm required to retain fiscally relevant information for up to 7 years, such as a list of payments, which state actors might coerce me to provide to them.

For questions, feel free to reach out to me at, Twitter @provoost or Mastodon.

This site is powered by LibePatron, BTCPay, c-lightning and of course Bitcoin Core.